All you need is a BetaFlight controller, an OSD (on-screen display) buzzer, a status indicator, and a carbon fiber frame to build this drone.

A month ago, I came across this Eachine QX110 V-tail drone in the news, and I decided to do a detailed review of it. This beautiful and versatile little racer is equipped with an on-screen display, buzzer, and LED menu bar, which is unusual for FPV micro drones. These features are usually only found on larger multicopters.

I’m not sure if the V-shaped tail has any significant impact on the flight characteristics of the QX110, or if it’s just there to make the drone look more aerodynamic. Like most Eachine racing drones, the QX110 comes with one of three radio systems: FrSky, FySky, or Spektrum. The RX (radio control module) is integrated and cannot be changed.

In my review, I will discuss the performance, features, and overall experience of flying the Eachine QX110.This drone has been kindly provided by Epson for review purposes. I would like to continue using it and thank them for their continued support.

I received the package approximately 3 weeks after our agreement on the Eachine QX110 review. The delivery time was quite good.

Of course, the VTail QX110 has a very impressive array of features. Inside the package, in addition to the housing with the 600 TVL FPV camera, you will find:

– 2 Li-Po batteries with a capacity of 600mAh (1C – 3.7V)

– A USB charger

– A cable for charging the balance battery

– Velcro adhesive (for the battery)

– 1 set of spare props (2 red and 2 black)

– A tool for removing propellers

– Gum

– Instructions

By the way, the package does not include any spare engines, according to the seller’s information.

Eachine QX110 First Impressions:

Although the frame is made of carbon fiber, it appears to be quite fragile and may break easily. The V-Tail system is attached to “ordinary” (non-bent) levers and is screwed together with an orange plastic component.

The total weight, including a fully charged battery, is approximately 45 grams.The AIO F3 PRO flight controller features BetaFlight firmware and a FlySky radio detection (RX) function. All 8500-series engines without a core are connected to the flight controller using 1.25 mm 2-pin micro JST connectors, allowing for easy engine replacement without the need for soldering. A small speaker (buzzer) is located in the center of the frame, similar to the Tiny QX95. Like the Tiny QX95, the QX110 has a programmable LED status display with four LEDs, and both LEDs detect gas hyperactivity. The 600mAh Li-Po battery can be secured to the drone using rubber straps or Velcro, and there is no power switch; instead, two micro-LOSI connectors are used to connect the battery. Due to visibility concerns, the front propellers are black and the rear propellers are red. The 600TVL camera is located at the front of the drone, and can be adjusted for position. The external 5.8 GHz VTX transmitter has a maximum broadcast power of 25 mW and a total output of 48 channels.There are two micro buttons located at the top of the camera. The front panel allows users to switch between video formats (PAL/NTSC), while the back panel enables switching between 8 channels through a short circuit, and thus between 6 bands (AF) for extended observation (more than 2 seconds).

The linear 5.8G antenna is positioned horizontally, rather than vertically. This undoubtedly has a negative effect on the FPV (First Person View) area. This small drone is designed to fly around the home and in parks.

The overall image quality is good, with bright and saturated colors. The on-screen menu is also very convenient. In the control mode, users can monitor the charging time, starting time, hand position, control mode, and artificial horizon.

After connecting my FlySky FS-i6 controller to the QX110, I followed the detailed instructions provided in the user manual. I set the FS-I6 RC channels CH5/AUX1 to “SWA” (engine on/off) and CH6/AUX2 to SWC (flight mode switch).Flight modes can be assigned through the BetaFlight-Configurator app. You can download it here and use it on Google Chrome.

When I read the SeBy’s review, I noticed that flying with the default settings on the QX110 was not very fun (lots of swings and bounces). He shared his settings (QX110_dump_BF_3_0_1), so I tried them. To be honest, even with specialized settings, the Vtail Q110 doesn’t fly any better.

Although this Eachine quadcopter is pretty fast, I felt that by reducing the weight, it could become even faster.

The screen’s menu is very nice, giving you the feeling of being a real pilot.

Review of the Eachine QX110 with V-tail – the verdict

Price-to-quality ratio:

Build Quality:

Camera, FPV, and OSD:

Summer features:

Flight time: 3.7

Summary:The QX110 is definitely the most versatile drone in the Eachine series. It comes equipped with a Betaflight OSD chip, a buzzer, and an LED status bar, making it easy to monitor the drone’s performance. The package also includes extra batteries and spare propellers, ensuring that users have everything they need to get started.

Before mass production, it’s important to expect everything to be tested and verified to ensure that the PIDs are correct.

The QX110 has a classic sporty design and a universal flight controller F3 Omnibus, which makes it easy to customize. The buzzer and on-screen menu allow users to adjust the camera rotation and program the LED status panel. Additionally, spare parts are readily available, ensuring that repairs are quick and easy.

While the PIDs may need some fine-tuning, the overall experience with the QX110 is positive. The availability of spare parts and the ability to adjust the camera make this drone a great choice for those looking for a versatile and customizable flying experience.

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