DM002 is a cheap, homemade quadcopter equipped with an FPV camera. I recently received this quadcopter to test out, a Chinese-made radio-controlled drone that comes at an attractive price. After assembling it and playing around with it, it’s now time for me to write a review. At the end, I’ll also include a purchase recommendation.

As I’ve seen in the past, the fact that a drone is assembled from parts shouldn’t scare you off. In my opinion, the possibility of building your own quadcopter adds to the fun. The DM002 comes in two versions: one with a 5.8GHz camera, and one with WiFi FPV. Both are available in black or white.

Here are some features of the DM002 FPV micro quadrocopter:

– Easy to assemble DIY kit

– 600TVL camera with adjustable viewing angle

– Real-time image transfer

– 5.8GHz, 40 channel VTX with adjustable output power

– Home return key (unconfirmed)

– Multiple speeds

– Undervoltage protection

– LED flashlight for night flying

In summary, the DM002 quadcopter comes with assembly instructions included.Epson sent me the DM002 micro quadcopter for an honest review. BG is a very popular online store among radio-controlled enthusiasts. They sell not only quadcopters, but also parts for multicopters.

When I received the package, I immediately opened it to see the contents. I was surprised to find that it contained everything necessary to build an aircraft.

Components of the DM002 quadcopter:

– 2.4GHz transmitter

– A set of 95mm frames

– 2-in-1 flight controller with receiver board

– 600TVL camera with 25/80/200mW 5.8GHz 40 channel VTX

– Camera holder

– Protective camera case

– Lithium polymer battery 3.7V 300mAh

– USB charging cable

– 4 motors without cores (2x CW and 2x CCW)

– 2 sets of dual-barreled propellers

– Key for removing propellers

There was also a small assembly guide for the DM002 included. The step-by-step instructions apply to all DM002 enthusiasts.

Oddly, the user manual that came with the package was for a completely different RTF drone. I later found out that it was meant for the DM003 model.Overview of the DM002 Quadcopter Transmitter

The transmitter is quite bulky, which is understandable for a radio-controlled toy at this price point. There is no LCD display on the front panel, just four buttons.

The left shoulder button allows you to switch between different flight speeds (low, medium, and high). The right shoulder button has a flip mode built in, but so far, I haven’t been able to get it to work properly.

If the DM002 starts flying erratically, I would suggest trying to recalibrate the gyroscope first by moving both sticks to their leftmost position.

Overview of the DM002 Camera

The included camera is similar to the Eachine MC01. According to the specifications, you can adjust the transmitter power from 25 mW, 80 mW, and 200 mW. However, there are no instructions on how to change the power level.

A nickel-plated, three-pronged antenna is permanently attached to the video transmission board.With the included protective cover, you can adjust the camera angle from straight to straight. There is a settings button at the top of the camera that allows you to change the bitrate (band/channel). The camera is compatible with a wide FPV display up to 5.8GHz with a total of 40 samples, including a frequency range.

On the back of the DM002, there is a blue 7-segment display that shows the current channel number, range, and transmission power. The camera offers good quality with a range that is perfect for flying in parks.

Assembly instructions for the DM002 quadcopter are included. No special tools or soldering iron are required to assemble the drone. The motherboard has motor connectors and two power connectors. One cable is designed for powering the DM002 and the other for the FPV camera. Two of the motor connectors are white, and the others are red, so you can’t accidentally turn the motors clockwise instead of counterclockwise.Both the frame levers and propellers are labeled with the letters “A” and “B,” respectively.

According to the instructions, the first step is to install the propellers on the engines. Stands “A1” and “A2” are suitable for engines with red and blue wires, respectively, while stands “B1” and “B2” are for engines with white and black wires. Note that there is no difference between A1 and A2, or between B1 and B2.

The second step is to mount the motors on the engine stands.

Next, install the flight controller on the frame as it is oriented with a power cable cutout.

Step four is to attach the camera mount and securely fasten the camera. Once in place, connect to the camera via a separate board.

Finally, connect the motors to the steering wheel. You’re done! You’ve assembled your first quadcopter!

DM002 Quadcopter Test / UseWhen I first turned on the DM002, I noticed that there were SMD LEDs next to each motor connector, blue in the front and red in the back.

I was able to connect the DM002 to the remote control by pressing the up and down buttons on the throttle (in mode 2). However, when I tried to lift the all-terrain vehicle with a smooth upward motion of the throttle, it began to rotate instead of lifting.

After turning it off, I checked the propeller and engine, and everything seemed to be fine. However, the same thing happened with the other motor. So, I decided to check the direction of rotation according to my sensations, and one of the engines was spinning in the wrong direction. After connecting it the other way around, everything seemed to work fine.

Although the DM002 doesn’t have universal flight modes like the Eachine QX95, it is quieter and more stable, which I liked. My first flight lasted about 4 minutes, but I think the flight autonomy could be increased to 5-6 minutes if the camera was removed.Price-quality ratio: 3.8

Simple assembly: Yes

Camera/FPV: Yes

Shipment: Yes

Summer features: 5.8 GHz FPV camera


Although the DM002 kit is not well-documented, I was able to assemble it in about 20 minutes with no tools required. The kit includes all the necessary parts for building a drone.

I found this quadcopter to be a great radio-controlled toy for beginner pilots who want to learn how to fly and understand how drones work.

If you’re interested in building your own FPV quadcopter, this kit is available for $39.99 with standard shipping, or you can choose a similar kit with slightly different performance at a lower price (DM003).


– Easy to assemble DIY kit

– Suitable for beginner pilots

– Very quiet

– 5.8GHz FPV camera


– No acro flight mode on the own flight controller

– Poor documentation

– Lack of spare parts

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