Обзор LiftOff: Drone Simulator - учитесь и тренируйтесь во Франции

When my son was four years old, I began working with FirstQuadcopter.com, which led to him growing up with drones and losing interest in radio-controlled toys, as is understandable given that his father had been flying drones for forty years.

Now, at the age of ten, my son is an avid fan of PlayStation games, and this Christmas, he saw an advertisement for Valve’s upcoming LiftOff drone simulator for PlayStation 4. We decided to try out the simulator as a family, as it seemed like fun.To be honest, while I prefer DJI-style drones, I am still interested in participating in FPV training with Joshua Bardwell as an expert. Before publishing my review on LiftOff, I decided to try it out for at least a week. The first training session ended with my son expressing some concerns. He felt that LiftOff was not a true PlayStation game, and I believe that the smooth joystick controls were new for him, as he had played many RPG games before. In fact, these controls could also be beneficial for experienced drone pilots, as the joystick on the drone is not self-centering, unlike the dual-stick controller on the Sony PlayStation.

Review of LiftOff Drone Racing

I would like to clarify that I received a promotional code for LiftOff to test their racing drone game. All opinions in this review are based on my own experiences.The installation of LiftOff proceeded smoothly, requiring only approximately 15 GB of free storage space. Based on the code I received, I was able to install the “Deluxe” version of the game. You can already find a number of positive reviews of the Liftoff simulation on YouTube. In this article, I will focus on the aspects that new pilots should be aware of before starting the game.

Introduction to Basic Knowledge of FPV Drones:

Racing drones typically have three flight modes: Angle, Horizon, and Acro/Freestyle. Some models also support Clock and Clock (Optical/GPS) modes, which are considered “childish” among experts. In the Liftoff simulation, players can select one of these modes:

Angular Mode (Fully Supported) – Suitable for beginners. The drone maintains a horizontal position without the need for a joystick. Pitch and roll are restricted to a viewing angle (usually 50 degrees) and the aircraft cannot perform flips.Horizon Mode (automatic level) is suitable for intermediate pilots. In this mode, the drone maintains a horizontal position without the need for a pin. Pitch and roll can be performed freely, and the drone is able to perform sideways, forward, and backward flips.

Acro Mode is designed for more experienced pilots. To manually return the drone to a level position, a stick must be used. The inputs for pitch and roll determine the speed of rotation of the drone around its axis.

The transmitter settings offer several options, with modes 1 and 2 being the most common. Even experienced users may find it challenging to switch between these modes. Personally, I have experienced events in mode 2 where the throttle and gear controls are located on the left joystick and pitch and roll controls are on the right joystick.Perhaps the term “throttle” may be familiar, but what about “yaw”, “roll” and “pitch”?

YAW refers to the rotation of a drone around a vertical axis, similar to turning your head from side to side. ROLL involves turning the drone from the front to the back (from the nose to the tail). PITCH refers to rotating the drone between the two side-to-side axes.

The self-acting throttle stick on the game controller may be slightly annoying for older pilots, but new users should quickly become accustomed to it. In the “Breakaway” mode of the accelerator application, you initiate the engines.

Other controls available in LiftOff include:

– L1/L2 (shoulder buttons): switch between tabs.

– L2: display switching (FPV, LoS1, LoS2).

– X: enter/select.

– O (circle button): exit.

Pressing the options button opens up the options menu.LiftOff’s main user interface is divided into four main sections: Single Player, Multiplayer, Tools, and Options. On the “Tools” tab, users can view the trajectory of their flight (atmospheric conditions) and customize their drone. In the Workbench, users can adjust the configuration of the frame, battery, motor, propeller, first-person view (FPV) camera, digital video recorder (DVR) camera, and first-person video (FPV) antenna. Compared to operating a real drone, which would require several hours and several hundred dollars in terms of time and money, using a simulator is much quicker and less expensive. Specialists also have the ability to adjust the parameters of the proportional integral derivative (PID) controller within this section. In the Drawing tab, users can browse through a range of pre-designed drone templates. Information such as traction, weight, lift speed, and control settings are clearly displayed.In the “Options” menu, players can customize various game settings, such as god mode, on-screen menus, battery simulation, and more. They can also customize flight settings, including basic assist level, gas menus, and altitude hold. Graphics options include FPV lens size and fisheye, while sound options allow players to adjust the mix level.

After graduating from high school, players may consider pursuing a virtual career as a drone pilot, modeled after Joshua Bardwell. By completing tasks, players will earn bonus points that can be converted into B-bucks, which can then be used in their favorite game, Fortnite.

During gameplay, players have the option to switch between three perspectives: FPV mode, a close-up drone perspective, and a distance drone view.LiftOff offers several game modes for players to choose from, including Single Player, Quick Access, and Career. The Single Player mode provides randomly generated tracks for players to enjoy, as well as the ability to play Quick Operations and Campaign games.

In the Quick Access mode, players can select the game type, drone model, difficulty level, track, and race they wish to play. They can also activate Night Fever mode, if desired. Additionally, players have the option to choose from various FPV drone types and explore different levels.

With its diverse range of features, LiftOff delivers an immersive gaming experience that will keep players entertained. Career mode begins in 2015, during the early days of drone racing, and allows players to experience memorable moments from the history of the sport from a first-person perspective. As players progress through the campaign, they unlock new drone models and parts to enhance their aircraft.In addition to the exciting single-player mode, Liftoff also offers a challenging multiplayer mode available in three distinct gameplay styles. Unfortunately, this mode requires a paid PlayStation Plus subscription, which the author does not currently have, and therefore will not be able to experience this feature.

Pricing and Availability

As of November 10, 2020, digital purchases for the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store have been updated. The “Deluxe Edition” for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One costs $39.99, while the “Standard Edition” is $34.99. Players can purchase four premium drone skins for an additional $5. The standard edition can also be included in the Deluxe pack. Liftoff is also available on Steam for $19.99 after purchasing the application.**Minimum Hardware Requirements**

The minimum hardware requirements for the game include an i5 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and a dedicated 3D graphics card. These specifications ensure a stable and realistic user experience, with a good price-to-quality ratio. The graphics quality in the game is impressive.


I commenced my review of LiftOff by describing a scenario where my son experienced frustration while playing a drone racing game. This scenario could be analogous to a real-life situation where a $200-300 racing drone crashes. Although my son may not currently be a fan of LiftOff, I have observed him playing it on several occasions and am pleased with his improvement in piloting skills.

While LiftOff (or any other drone simulation game) cannot replicate the thrill of flying real ATVs, it can still provide an enjoyable experience when playing during quarantine or in weather conditions unsuitable for flying outdoors.

Overall, the game received a rating of 3.83 out of 5 stars from users, with 12 votes. The editor’s rating also reflects a positive verdict.- Fitness training sessions with Joshua Bardwell

– A variety of FPV drones available

– Numerous levels and tracks to choose from

What I didn’t like:

– Inability to use with radio controls

– Currently only compatible with PS4 and Xbox

Полёты в симуляторах. #1. Liftoff.

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