In-depth review of the Eachine E013 drone, also known as the Small Peeper.

While the E013 doesn’t have a universal flight controller like some other drones, it does come with a directional FPV (first-person view) monitor, which guarantees fun. At first glance, its biggest improvement over other 5.8 GHz FPV cameras is the inclusion of a 25 MHz video recorder.

Unlike WiFi FPV, which is used in most gaming drones, 5.8GHz FPV is commonly used by professional quadrocopter racers. This allows for real-time transmission of high-quality images with zero lag. Depending on the power of the transmission, the range can vary from hundreds of meters up to 10 kilometers. Each E013 has a range of approximately 150 meters with its 25MHz video recorder.

Like many other FPV micro-racing drones, the Eachine E013 features a tiny whoop propeller design, which aims to increase efficiency while minimizing safety risks for kids.

Key features of the E013 include:

– Channel-changing propeller

– Protective canopy

– 1000 TVL camera with 5.8 GHz time-lapse image transmissionReplaceable 200 mAh Li-Po battery; rotates 360 degrees; return home with one button; headless flight mode; multiple speeds.

Eachine E013 review with pros and cons

Disclaimer: I received the Eachine E013 drone as part of a product review partnership. Although the device was provided free of charge, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Inside the package, I found an E013 mini drone with its connector, a complete set of extra props (4 blades), a USB charger, a screwdriver, stickers, user manual, and yes, VR600 FPV goggles (including all fasteners: antenna, charging cable, headband, and cleaning cloth).

As mentioned earlier, the Eachine E13 utilizes Kort-mounted propellers. The mainboard and video camera are securely protected by a red housing.

From the camera’s perspective, the E013 resembles a friendly cartoon character when viewed from the eye sockets.A good range is shown. The video signal antenna comes directly from under the fuselage, which is a little unprotected and I do not know how many accidents have occurred.

The blue LED on the back panel helps you navigate during night flights. Eachine E013 Review: Remote Control. Like the plane, black with red metal stripes. The remote control is powered by 3 AAA batteries. On the front panel, in addition to the usual contacts and the power switch, there are eight more buttons. Two on the right side of the throttle allow you to turn on headless flight mode and activate the return function respectively. While the button on the left should allow you to switch between speeds (one beep – low, two beeps – medium and three beeps – high), the right button activates 3D flip & roll mode according to the specifications. The range of the remote control is approximately 70 meters only under optimal conditions, but it is ideal for childhood flying and in the park anyway.Eachine E013 Review: Camera and FPV

A 1000TVL surveillance camera has been installed on the front of the M7 drone with a 120-degree field of view and a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor. The camera can switch between NTSC and PAL video standards using a dedicated button (takes more than 5 seconds to switch).

The 5.8GHz, 40 channel video transmitter (5 bands, 8 frequency groups) has a transmission power of 25mW. To switch between channels 1-8, use the control button; to switch between bands 1-2, long press the button for 2 seconds.

The image quality from the camera is good enough for a small drone. The FPV transmission is strong, and the signal can penetrate two brick walls without any issues. From outside the building, the range seems to be about 100 meters.And now, let’s take a closer look at the cherry on top – the VR006, a lightweight and compact FPV system from Google. At the moment, there are two options available. One is sold separately, with two antennas (a clover and a panel), and the other is sold with one antenna, in the form of a rubber duck, along with the E013 drone.

The VR006 is powered by a single 3-inch display. The resolution of the screen is 500 x 300 pixels. There are no built-in DVR or AV output functions, so if you want to record your flights, you’ll need to use an external recording device such as the BlackBox D1M DVR. To do this, you’ll need to take the VR006 apart and make some modifications.

There are four control buttons on the device (+, Menu, -, and Scan/Menu). You can adjust contrast, saturation, and brightness. The on-screen display shows the current frequency and battery level of the glasses.Thanks to the adjustable headbands, the Google is suitable for adults and younger FPV pilots alike. Unfortunately, due to its very small size, it is nearly impossible to wear corrective glasses with the Eachine VR006.

The radio frequency sensitivity leaves much to be desired. My Walkera 4 glasses offer a much better reception. I understand that this comparison may not be entirely fair, as the price difference between the two FPV products is four times.

Eachine E013 Review: First Flight

Before taking off on the first FPV flight, make sure to set the transmitter and goggles to the same channel. The auto-scan function works well.

For novice pilots, I would recommend having someone nearby to help guide the aircraft in case it becomes lost. Flying through goggles is a very different experience from flying with line of sight.Eachine E013 often freezes at startup, even without any configuration. The flight data transfer rate is low for children. If there is a lot of wind, it can be difficult to control the quadcopter, as it has a high flip without enough height, and can even be done in the hands. My test flight lasted only 3 minutes, so I needed extra batteries for the E013. If the quadcopter starts flying abnormally, you can try to calibrate the sensors by moving both joysticks to the lower right position. The price/functionality ratio and design and build quality are good, but there are still some issues with the remote control and FPV camera. The VR006 glasses are included, which allows you to experience the joy of flying in the first person, but the non-ultrasport drone has Acro/Free mode. The shipment was received and the user review is 3.4 out of 5 stars.New pilots on a budget can find this great FPV flight training kit here: If you already own a Google FPV drone, you can choose a drone at a lower price.

Eachine E013-Лучший FPV квадрик для дома и обучения!

Eachine E013- Зарядка 1S- Аккумуляторы- Или такой набор- ...

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