Quadrocopters are becoming smaller and more affordable than ever, but not everyone can say they are perfect. The Eachine E31HW at first glance seems like a simple and practical way to control a drone and take photos and videos, but hopefully, at the end of this review, the pros will outweigh the cons.

Eachine announced the E31 series in three versions. The main difference between them is in the video equipment: E31 – without a camera; E31HC – with a 2 megapixel camera (without FPV); and the E31HW – with a 0.3 megapixel WiFi camera. All versions have similar design and flight characteristics, but the E31HW, with real-time image transmission via Wi-Fi, is the “flagship” model of the series.

My review of the Eachine E31HW quadcopter:

Disclosure: I received the E31HW for review as part of a collaborative effort with the product review team. Although it was provided free of charge, all opinions expressed in this article are mine, and I am not influenced by any partner.As usual, DHL requested the translation of the documents and the delivery took more than three weeks. The package looked like it had been deliberately trampled 🙁

Inside the box, next to the drone and its accessories, I found a complete set of spare propellers (two CW and two CCW, all green), one set of blade guards, one housing, a phone clip, a flight battery, a USB charger, a screwdriver, a rifle kit, and a user manual (in Chinese, English, and German).

Features of the Eachine E31HW drone:

Real-time image transmission over Wi-Fi (FPV)

6-axis gyro stabilization

Height hold (auto-leveling)

Takeoff and landing with one key

Headless flight mode

Return to home with a key (predictive)

Multiple control modes (remote control and app)

Low and high speed

Approximately 6 minutes of play time

As you can see in the picture below, the design of the E31HW follows that of its older sibling. They also have a similar shape.It is ready to fly with the propellers on. The landing gear and propellers are optional. The camera is built-in and the ground clearance is sufficient even without a chassis.

To provide visibility of the drone’s orientation, each E31HW has red LEDs on the front and green LEDs on the back. And they are painted black and green planes.

The 400 mAh battery is charged from the tail, and there is also a power switch in the tail.

Remote control/transmission

The Xbox remote is powered by 3 AA batteries, and to attach the smartphone, you need to use the clip of the phone holder on the top.

In addition to the usual control sticks and power button, there are 10 more buttons on the front panel, but there is no LCD display or function labels. By default, the remote control comes with “mode 2” set – the left stick (throttle) controls height and direction, and the right stick controls speed and direction.While the button on the left shoulder activates the automatic take-off and landing function, the right button activates 3D rotation mode (360-degree rotations).

The emergency stop (all engines stop) can be activated by pressing the left solder button for 3 seconds. If you ever need this feature, those 3 seconds may seem like an eternity.

Switching between modes is done using the left and right arrow keys.

The drone can also be controlled via the “JAD-UFO” app. Children will enjoy piloting using the smartphone gyroscope.

Camera and WiFi FPV

A 0.3 megapixel WiFi camera is integrated, but it cannot be tilted. There is a fake SD card slot located under the belly, which theoretically stores photos and videos. However, I only found images in the Drone folder after checking all other folders.

Photos are taken in 720×576 resolution (24-bit JPEG format).FPV is a great technology, but due to its low frame rate and latency, it can only be safely used when flying in a line of sight environment.

Eachine E31HW test flight: Control range and flight time are very short, as I tested it as a beginner. Following the starting rules, the plane rose about two meters, which is much higher than the normal lifting height of about one meter, and almost hit the chandelier. Immediately pressing the stop button caused the ATV to crash.

Then, I tried the same thing again, climbing 2 meters and losing height until it almost landed. Somehow, something went wrong because of “careless” handling by the delivery person, or maybe there is a problem with that specific model?

After the failed takeoff, I was surprised by how fast and agile this small aircraft is. Although there is no acro mode, it’s still fun to play around with it. The standard WiFi camera doesn’t seem very useful, so I’m considering replacing it with a 5.8GHz FPV camera.I just forgot that the maximum control range is approximately 60 meters and I got about 6 minutes of flying time with a fully charged battery on average.

The price-to-quality ratio is good, and the camera and WiFi FPV features are great. The flight time is also decent, at 3.4 minutes.

Should I purchase this quadcopter?

I have been testing the E31HW quadcopter for the past two days. It has good flight performance and athletic handling, but the alt-hold function doesn’t seem to work properly and video recording doesn’t function either.

It seems to handle light rain well, with the propeller guards protecting the blades from damage.

If you are interested in purchasing the E31HW, you can find it here for $36.99 with free shipping. You can also find the basic model (E31 without a camera) for only $23.99.

What I like about the E31HW:

– Propeller guard included

– Switch function

– Decent flight time

– Sporty and fun

What I don’t like:

– No labels on the buttons on the remote controller

– No videos found or I didn’t find any

– Alt-hold not working

Check out the Eachine E31HW review and photo gallery for more information.Eachine E31HW Review: A Mixed Bag of Performance

Eachine E31HW review - Test flight

First flight with the Eachine E31HW drone. Main features: - altitude hold; - headless flight mode; - one key takeoff/land. Also check ...

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