Hello and welcome back! This is my fifth article about the Eachine E51 on FirstQuadcopter. As usual, I will try to provide as much information as possible about this drone. Of course, there will be both good and bad points.

In recent years, Eachine has become one of the leading players in the drone market, announcing new models such as the E51 almost every week. We are lucky to review and test many of these drones, and we can say that each one has excellent value for money.

Features of the E51:

– Compact design with folding arms

– Easy to install wireless battery

– Flexible two-blade propellers

– Headless flight mode

– Height retention (automatic dependency)

– Takeoff/landing with a single key

– Dual control mode (remote control and app)

– Multiple speeds (30%, 60%, and 100%)

– HD camera with 720p resolution and WiFi time recording (FPV)

– Flight time up to 7 minutes

Pros of the E51:

– Great value for money

– Easy to use

– Stable flight

– Good camera quality

– Long flight time

Cons of the E51:

– No obstacle avoidance sensors

– Limited range

– Not suitable for advanced pilotsDisclosure of information: This drone was provided to me as part of a partnership with a product review agency. While the drone was provided free of charge, all opinions expressed in this review are my own and have not been influenced by any other parties.

After agreeing on the Eachine E51 drone for review, I waited approximately 3 weeks for delivery and another 3 weeks after receiving it, so there was no exclusivity involved…

Eachine E51 Drone Review: A Brief Overview

Inside a compact cardboard box, in addition to the drone with a fully charged battery, there are the following items: a remote control, charger, 2 extra blades, screwdriver, and user manual (available in English, German, and Chinese). No carrying case is included, similar to the JJRC H37 Elfie model.

The dimensions of the body are only 16.5 x 7.5 x 5 centimeters. The arms fold and unfold in seconds, making it easy to fit in a large pocket. Due to the standard design, the engines are oriented horizontally rather than vertically, like most multicopters.All screws turn black and are rarely found on two blades. Everyone assumes that this design makes them less vulnerable when encountering something.

For more convenient battery replacement in the future, E51 uses a Li-Po battery wirelessly. The 750 mAh battery is charged by an ATV. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, with a fully charged battery, you can get about 7 minutes of flight time.

The placement of the button is at the top, clearly visible and easily accessible. As a “soft key”, I suggest removing the battery if Eachine E51 has been detected for a long time, otherwise, the Li-Po may overcharge and fail irreversibly.

During night flights, you will need to install two white LEDs in the front and two red LEDs in the back.The camera is built-in and allows you to adjust the viewing angle by 45 degrees. There is no microSD slot, and the captured files (photos and videos) are stored in the internal memory of the smartphone under the “Eachine Fly” folder.

The weight of a five-minute video (1280×720) is approximately 45 MB. As is typical for these types of devices, the image quality isn’t at the highest level, with the resolution corresponding to the “HD” term, but the bit rate and frame rate are relatively low.

Transferring images to real-time memory (FPV) via Wi-Fi is convenient, but there is a noticeable lag. Nevertheless, children enjoy looking at things from a drone’s perspective.

Eachine E51 Review: Remote Control and App

Each E51 RTF comes with several control modes, which can be operated via a connected device or a smartphone using joystick or gravity sensors.The remote control can be used with wide-screen phones, even in landscape mode. In addition to the standard control buttons, it has 9 front buttons and 4 shoulder buttons.

The left shoulder buttons can be switched to different speeds to activate “headless mode”. The right shoulder buttons allow you to activate RTH (return to home) and “flip & roll” modes. Connect the take-off and landing buttons to the throttle (left in mode 2).

To calibrate the gyroscope, move both levers to the extreme left position. Although this is not the most precise way to control the airplane using the EACHINE FLY app (available for Android and iOS), I think you will enjoy flying with it. You’ll also need an app to see real-time images from the camera on your smartphone.

My first test flight went smoothly, from takeoff to landing. Thanks to the full control, it was easy to fly. Even beginners can handle the first flight with this remote.When you press the “Takeoff” button, the drone rises about 2 meters in height. During illness or outdoor flights in calm weather, the flight stabilizes. If you fly outside the controller’s range, the drone will automatically land within 5 minutes. The RTH (Return to Home) button is practically useless as the GPS flight controller only guesses the point of arrival without a positioning system.

The flight time is good, with an average of about 5 minutes per flight. When the battery is nearly empty, the drone automatically lands. Should I buy it? The price-to-quality ratio is excellent, and the build quality is top-notch. The camera and WiFi FPV features are good, and the remote control is reliable.

During BG’s 11th anniversary sale, this drone has an unbeatable value. Altitude retention works well, and novice pilots can learn to control the drone in just a few minutes. The game time is decent, and the smartphone-obsessed generation will enjoy the app-based management features.

The camera may not be great, but that’s common for toy drones of this type. Overall, I would highly recommend this drone.User Review

3.33 (3 votes)

For those interested in the drone and wanting to try it out, this adorable flying drone can be purchased for $35.99 with transmission (RTF) or $28.99 without remote control (BNF).


– Cool design with folding arms

– Height retention

– Adjustable camera angle

– Decent flight time


– Soft power button

– Lack of spare parts

Eachine E51: Photo Gallery

Обзор квадрика Eachine E51 WiFi FPV

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