To bring something new to the selfie drone market, Flytec has introduced the T13, which uses semi-reverse propellers. These propellers are located in front, as usual, above the arms, and from behind, they are directed towards the ground, under the arms.

While the T13 may seem similar to other selfie drones at first glance, it has a few unique features. In addition to its distinctive design, it also has a height retention system, headless mode, multiple speeds, and an easily replaceable battery.

When choosing a drone for your first purchase, I recommend sticking to a budget of $50-$100. These drones are lightweight and simple, making them perfect for beginners who want to get used to flying without worrying about expensive repairs. Even more expensive drones are not completely safe and can crash or collide, leading to infection.720P Camera for Aerial Photography;

Built-in Video Recorder (DVR);

Real-Time Image Transmission via WiFi (FPV);

Flight Autonomy is Up to 7 Minutes.

Overview of the Flytec T13 Drone

Disclosure: I received this folding drone as part of a partnership with a product review agency. Although the drone was offered as a gift, all opinions in this review are mine.

The package arrived in 22 days via regular delivery. Luckily, the box was small and did not attract customs’ attention. In my country, even cheap drones for under 20 flights require customs and VAT payment.

Inside the box, I found a drone, a complete set of replacement blades (8 pieces), a Li-Po battery, a USB charger, and a screwdriver. A user manual and memory card were not included.With folded arms, the fuselage measures only 8.1 x 6.3 x 4 centimeters and weighs approximately 63 grams. It fits perfectly in your hand or a large pocket. The plastic it’s made from seems a bit cheap, but for these toys, it’s okay.

I thought the Flytec T13 didn’t have a power button. However, after spreading my arms, I found a command on the right side. The motors are positioned horizontally, not vertically.

As I mentioned earlier, the front supports are above the arms and the rear ones are below the arms.

Due to the increased visibility of the drone during night flights, the Flytec T13 is equipped with white LEDs on the front and red LEDs on the back.

A Li-Po battery with a capacity of 520 mAh charges from the filled tail section. The battery has no wires and can be changed with a new one in seconds.I received the BNF package and the flight control detection was provided by the Flytec application. The app also requires displaying a live image from the camera, although it does not include 720P mode in the settings menu.

You can control the drone using virtual joysticks or the gyroscope of your smartphone by tilting the phone. The user interface is simple and easy to use, with special buttons for starting/arming, landing, emergency stop, and speed change. The app offers some interesting features like “Trajectory Flight” and “3D VR Mode”, although they didn’t impress me much.

The built-in 720P camera provides a wide angle view, which makes it easy to adjust the angle. However, the WiFi FPV connection has a range of about 40 meters and has a low frame rate and latency, so spying on your neighbors’ dogs may not be the best idea.Like the VISUO XS809HW, the T13 has dual recording storage, both in the drone and in the phone’s memory. This is a great feature! The built-in recording typically has better image quality than time-lapse videos recorded over Wi-Fi, so it’s worth considering. The Micro SD card slot is located on the back of the device, just above the battery.

In daylight conditions, the camera captures fairly high-quality photos, particularly when downloaded from the micro SD card. The colors are natural and the jelly effect is minimal. Five minutes of video at 1280 x 720 resolution and 20 frames per second, using the H264 codec, is about 64MB in size. The sound is not recorded.

As an older user, I was slightly disappointed to receive the T13 without an RC. I had expected to be able to pilot it through an app on my smartphone, but times have changed and we now need to connect everything to our phones.Pressing the “Up Arrow/Takeoff” button starts all engines and increases the gas velocity. The altitude retention works well, but without an optical flow sensor, the drone flies a little off to the side.

I intentionally stuck the paddle on to see if there was overcurrent protection, but the motors kept spinning. That’s not good.

When the battery is almost empty, all LEDs start flashing, indicating that you have about 30 seconds left to return and land during the grace period.

Is it worth buying the Flytec T13? Let’s take a look at the price-quality ratio, design and build quality, camera/WiFi FPV, and summer features.

In addition to its unusual design, the Flytec T13 impressed me with its flight characteristics, which are excellent for beginner pilots. The camera quality is slightly better than that of similar toys. The shipment and user reviews are also positive. Overall, the product received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.If you are looking for a drone that is small and affordable, the Flytec T13 is a great option. It can be purchased for $40.99 with free shipping. The BNF package, which includes the drone and remote control, is also available for $48.99. The drone comes in two colors, white and black.

The T13 fits very compactly in your pocket and has excellent altitude retention. It has dual control modes, allowing you to control it with either the remote control or the app. There is also a built-in DVR with a micro SD slot.

However, the wind resistance is not great and the memory card is not included in the package. Additionally, there are no spare parts available and there is no motor protection for overcurrent.

Despite these drawbacks, the T13 still offers good value for the price. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable drone for taking selfies, the Flytec T13 might be worth considering.

Flytec T13 720p HD FPV Folding Selfie Drone Flight Test Review

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