Everything you need to know about the Holybro Kopis 1 drone!

Every time I do a drone review, I try to find the perfect quote that describes it. The Holybro Kopis 1 is just perfect! Constructed of 5mm thick carbon fiber and capable of reaching insane flight speeds, it’s a beast that I wouldn’t want to shoot down.

Of course, this quadcopter isn’t a toy. It’s a high-quality drone with first-person view capabilities, designed for racing. Based on the Kakute F4 v1.3 flight controller, it’s favored by many professional pilots.

HOLYBRO offers the Kopis 1 in two versions: Plug-N-Fly (PNF) without a receiver and Bind-N-Fly (BNF) with a FrSky XSR radio, both of which come without batteries!

Key features of the HOLYBRO KOPIS 1 include:

– X-shaped carbon frame

– HolyBro Kakute F4 high-end flight controller with BetaFlight menu

– Multiple flight modes, including free and self-levelling

– Powerful brushless AIR40 2450KV motors from T-Motor

– BLHeli-32 30A ESCs with new firmware and DShot1200

Don’t miss out on this amazing drone!Reinforced 3-blade screws 5045BN;

External battery level monitoring and external adjustment of the PID controller (using RC monitor and FPV);

40 channels, variable broadcast power 5.8G VTX (0.5mW~600 mW);

Professional RunCam Swift camera with tilt adjustment and on-screen menu setting;

Programmable LED panel with buzzer;

Compatible with 4S Li-Po batteries;

The total weight is 300 grams without battery.

HOLYBRO KOPIS 1 Drone Review

About a month ago, Karen from GearBest contacted me about the recall of one of their drones. Due to our close cooperation, I accepted their offer without hesitation. I received a copy of Taranis Q X7 and flashed the Kopis1 BNF version.The package arrived about three weeks after it was shipped. To be honest, I was expecting a very large box for a $300 drone. No kidding, the Holybro Kopis 1 is a high-quality product with excellent hygiene and packaging. The drone and all its accessories (one set of spare propellers, a RunCam OSD cable, a GoPro mount stand, and Velcro tape) are not simply thrown into a box. They come in a luxurious carrying case, which ensures that the aircraft is securely attached to the case with Velcro tape.

The Holybro Kopis 1 drone comes fully equipped with propellers, so you just need to go through a natural formation process. Is it worth it? Let’s take a closer look!

The X-shaped frame, made of 5-millimeter carbon fiber, looks very sturdy. It must have survived a lot of rough handling. At the ends of each arm is a powerful AIR40 2450KV motor, a proprietary engine. Personally, I’m not a fan of the pink color scheme for the motors, but in certain situations, it can look harsh.The wiring between the motors, ESC (electronic speed controller), and pilot controls is well organized. Please note that while the BLHeli_32 regulator requires 6-cell lithium polymer batteries, the motors can only be powered by these batteries for up to 4 seconds.

All three-blade 5045BN props are transparent, which may look cool, but I would prefer a lighter color (such as green in the front and red at the back). Unfortunately, the struts are not self-locking, and the pink screws can easily loosen when replacing the props.

The battery can be securely mounted on the drone’s underside using Velcro straps and a battery tray. Additionally, you can install the Li-Po battery in a barrier section on the road (if you are not using an additional HD camera). Please double-check the battery wires to ensure they are not damaged by the props!Although the Kopis One promotional images show well-secured radio antennas, I noticed only two loose wires that could have been easily cut by the propellers. Luckily, the manufacturer included a pair of shrink tubing and ties, which I used to fix the issue. The 5.8G 3dBi RHCP FPV antenna is connected to the VTX via an SMA-MMCX extension cable.

Unlike other racing drones, the Kopis 1 does not have a front headlight. Instead, it has a cute two-row LED status bar and a loud buzzer on the opposite sides, which can be useful if necessary.

The camera, FPV, and OSD are all well-protected on the control panel. Instead of the Rinnegan 600TVL camera, the HolyBro team decided to install the RunCam Swift Mini camera. Depending on your flying style, you can adjust the camera angle to get the best view.

While the camera is well protected on the sides, it is slightly exposed on the front, which is not a problem if you do not use a metal cage. However, if you damage the camera, it can be easily replaced in 15 minutes.SONY Super HAD II CCD Image Sensor (1/3″)

Horizontal resolution: 600 TVL

Excellent light sensitivity, illumination: 0.01 lux / 1.2 F min

The following shutter speeds for NTSC video are available: from 1/60 to 1/100,000 seconds

Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR)

Digital Noise Reduction (2DNR)

On-screen menu

Automatic Day/Night Mode

One of my friends commented that the Swift Mini comes with Rotor Riot settings, which seem pretty terrible for FPV events. I have to admit that I’m not a professional racer, but in my opinion, the camera performs very well. The images from the Swift Mini are clearly visible and recorded without delay. However, the image quality can easily be adjusted according to personal preferences using the 5D OSD connection.Due to the high power of the broadcast range, FPV (first-person view) is not a problem. The Holybro Atlatl HV has up to 40 channels (A, B, E, Fatshark and Raceband) and can transmit power up to 600 megawatts. Although it is designed to be configured using telemetry, you can also set the necessary transmission channels using the “Channel Change” button.

On-screen menu values such as flight time, mode, battery voltage, and virtual horizon are displayed. You can use a GoPro or similar action camera to record your flights. The HolyBro includes a tripod mount that is compatible with both the GoPro Hero and the GoPro Session form factors.

Before the first flight, there are a few things to do. First, check the propellers! During the binding process, after setting up the motor controller, they start to rotate. I recommend testing them at full throttle to ensure that they are comfortable.As I mentioned earlier, the HOLYBRO KOPIS 1 does not come with a battery. However, I recently received a pair of Tattu R-Line batteries for review, which are ideal for this flying machine due to their ultra-high discharge rate of 90°C.

To set up the Kopis 1 with the Taranis Q X7 remote control, first, create a new model for the remote control and name it “Kopis 1.” Then, in the “Model Setup” menu, select “Internal RF,” the operating mode “D16,” and the number of channels as 8. Finally, choose “Link” for yourself. When the binding process is complete, a loud beep will sound.

After that, you can activate the Holybro Kopis 1 by setting the F/S size on the FrSky XSR receiver. The successful binding will be indicated by the green light.The next step is to check the location and position of the control switches using the Betaflight configurator. I have decided to use the left shoulder switch to turn the engines on and off, and the right three-way switch to switch between flight modes (position 1 for stabilization, position 2 for horizon, and position 3 for angle). For beginners, I recommend establishing a stabilized-horizon-stabilized order to avoid accidentally switching to a free mode, which can lead to mistakes. Note that BetaFlight will prevent the drone from taking off if the throttle is not set to zero.

The Kopis 1 user manual also provides other optional steps, such as setting up channel endpoints and center channels. You can also find instructions on how to pair with other radio systems, such as FlySky and Spektrum.

How can you protect yourself with Kopis 1?Always check the fuse before flying your drone. Fault tolerance is a safety feature that ensures the drone stops flying if there is a problem with the connection between the quadcopter and transmitter. This can happen if you fly too far from the transmitter, or if the transmitter is turned off or the receiver on the drone is not working.

To test the fault tolerance, first turn off all the propellers and plug in the battery to the drone. Then, turn off the transmitter. If the engine stops within 1-3 seconds, the fault tolerance is working properly.

In case of a flight accident, it is helpful to have an emergency switch built into the drone. This switch will emit a loud beeping sound, making it easier to find the drone after a crash. You can configure this emergency switch through the BetaFlight software.Yes, as I expected, the Kopis 1 is incredibly fast and maneuverable. The punches are truly impressive. To be honest, this goes beyond my current operational experience. I need more practice, but I am afraid I will crash. The waterfall is very beautiful!

OSD (On Screen Display) values are very helpful when flying with FPV (First Person View) goggles. You can always see how much battery power is left.

Video recording and other settings can be changed directly in the field using the left and right joysticks. The OSD menu is accessed by moving the left joystick to the middle left position and the right joystick to the top middle position.

Thanks to the 4,000mAh lithium polymer battery, I get about 4 to 5 minutes of flight time. Experienced pilots who fly at full throttle might get even less time.

Why should you buy this? The price-quality ratio, build quality, camera, FPV, OSD, summer features, and flight time are all excellent. The verdict is clear: buy it!From its packaging to its flight characteristics, the HOLYBRO KOPIS 1 is a near-perfect racing quadcopter. It is fast, stable, and very responsive, thanks to its construction of 3K carbon fiber. This material also makes it resistant to weather conditions.

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