Folding Drone Egg for Adults in Childhood

A few weeks ago, I came across the KaiDeng K130 Alpha drone in the news section and now it’s time to take a closer look at its pros and cons. To be honest, at first glance, I was confused by the EGG design as it doesn’t have an aerodynamic shape. However, after further research, I found out that this EGG drone comes in two versions: the K130-TX with a remote control and no camera, and the K130-BNF equipped with a Wi-Fi FPV camera and app control.

The main features of the KaiDeng K130 Alpha are:

1. Unique EGG design with foldable grids for easy transportation and storage.

2. Easy maintenance as motors can be replaced easily.

3. Height retention for stability during flight.

4. Headless flight mode and automatic return to home at the press of a button.

5. Multiple flight speeds for different flying scenarios.

6. Built-in lithium-polymer battery with a 200mAh capacity.

7. Approximately 6 minutes playtime.

8. Control range up to 40 meters.

Overall, the KaiDeng K130 has a lot of features that make it a great choice for both beginners and experienced drone pilots. However, there are some drawbacks such as the lack of camera in the K130-TX version and the limited range of the controller. Nevertheless, these minor flaws are outweighed by the many benefits of this drone.Disclosure of information: This K130 drone was provided to me as part of a product review partnership with GeekBuying. While the product was provided as a gift, my opinions in this review are entirely my own and do not represent those of GeekBuying.

As always, thanks to SF Express for delivering the package promptly and without issue. In addition, I found a rectangular remote control in the box, along with a USB charging cable, a set of spare propellers, and a user manual.

When folded, the KaiDeng K130 Alpha resembles the aforementioned chicken egg in size and shape, weighing exactly 32 grams. An accidental release of the weapons during transportation was caused by a rubber band.There is a power switch at the bottom of the device, which also allows manual operation. Short-term use may be several times. With the help of a long press, you can turn the device on and off. Note: it looks like a “soft” switch, so I have used it several times to prevent over-discharge, which may indicate an irreversible problem with the battery.

When using the device, make sure the propellers don’t accidentally stop working.

During nighttime flights, four internal LEDs will be illuminated. One blue light in front, two red lights on the sides, and one red light in the back.

Review of the KaiDeng K130 – Remote Control

The manufacturer obviously didn’t want to offer this feature. The included remote control is square-shaped. I know it’s not the most convenient option. Additionally, it’s very bulky…In addition to the usual controls and power switch, there are six buttons on the front panel of the transmitter. With the right stick, you can activate flight (turn on the engines) and start an automatic landing. The left shoulder button, which is used for taking photos and videos, is practically useless without a camera attached to the RTF package.

The transmitter has a range of approximately 40 meters and requires two AA batteries for power.

Review of the Kai Deng K130 – Test flight, also known as “egg testing”

Firstly, Kai Deng proved that eggs can indeed fly, but there are some issues with takeoff and landing. The official plastic ring is simply too small to provide enough stability when the drone touches down. Most of my attempts at landing resulted in a flip due to the rapid stopping of the engines when the screws were locked.The waterfall is well-behaved, not too fast or too maneuverable, like a fragile egg. It seems that the controls start working only after a few seconds of flight and do not stop, as is the case with similar toys. By the way, the “Takeoff” button only starts the engines and does not actually start the takeoff.

All the white parts (the plane and all four propellers) are visible, so it is very difficult to tell where the sound is coming from. I would put a smiley face on the “face” of the egg and also paint the front propellers red.

If you fly outside the range of the drone, the KD K130 will automatically land.

Price-Quality Ratio: 3.4 KaiDeng K130 Review: Verdict: The K130 Alpha is not the best drone. The concept is cute, but it has some drawbacks. It easily flips during takeoff and is difficult to control in windy conditions. I would recommend it for fun, but not as a learning tool for learning how to fly drones.Both versions (BNF-Camera and RTF-TX) are available for $29.99 with standard shipping. However, since this is a new model, spare parts may not be available at this time.

Kaideng K130 обзор на русском летающее яйцо | RCFun

Kaideng K130 обзор на русском летающего яйца. Забавный дрон. Очень непривычный вид. Есть камера и WiFi FPV.

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