Создадим CineWhoop (обзор BetaFPV Pavo25)

Unfortunately, there are not many self-built CineWhoop kits available, and most people will probably choose a pre-assembled version or build their own kit. The BetaFPV version is similar to the BNF (build-your-own-frame) version, with all the identified parts from Pavo25.

There are two main benefits to running the BetaFPV on Pavo25. Firstly, you get a better understanding of how FPV (first-person view) drones work, what their main components are, and how to maintain them. Secondly, compared to most assembly kits, significantly less soldering is required, as most of the drone’s parts are connected using the plug-and-play method.In terms of quantity, CineWhoops are especially important for recording videos in FHD/4K resolution. To do so, you will need a second camera. The drone design provides protection for more or less hazardous flights around people or in confined spaces, and also requires additional accessories. While 3-inch and larger CineWhoops carry full-sized action cameras, smaller 2-3 inch models only carry lighter cameras weighing less than 50 grams, such as the GoPro Bones, DJI Action 2, SMO 4K, Insta360 GO2, or RunCam.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Pavo25 can be assembled quickly even by beginners. A set of tools are also required (soldering iron and screwdrivers). If you want to avoid frying the flight controller when turning the power on for the first time, it’s also recommended to use a multimeter to check for short circuits.

The main components of the BetaFPV Pavo25 CineWhoop include:Like any FPV drone, the CineWhoops consists of the following main parts: a frame, flight controller, esc, propulsion system (motors + props), FPV system (camera + vtx) and a radio receiver. Additionally, you will need a few reactions to lipo packs, a charger, a transmitter (remote control) and FPV glasses.

I decided to build the Pavo 25 with the smallest betaFPV parts available.

1. Pavo 25 Frame Kit:

The frame is one of the most important components that defines and categorizes your drone. The Pavo 25 frame includes the following parts:

– Pavo 25 frame assembly guide (diagram)

– 2.5 mm thick carbon fiber top plate

– 360 degree protective cover PA12 whoop

– Lots of screws

– Camera mounts, 3D printer accessories, battery holders, and antennas

– Rear RGB LED module + holder, 3D printed

– Caddx vista CNC adapter

– Black and red EVA foam (2 of each)

– Double-sided 3M tape for foam protection

– Two 180 mm battery straps

– SMO 4K power cable

In addition to these parts, you will need to purchase a few other items to complete your drone build. These include a charger, transmitter (remote control), and FPV goggles.Installation Instructions

The BetaFPV Pavo25 is a drone that consists of two main parts: a carbon fiber frame, which houses all the electronic components, and a protective casing made from natural polyamide 12 (PA12) with cast metal holes for mounting the components. The frame has a thickness of 2.5mm and a body length of 108mm, and it comes with six screws for easy assembly.

Inside the frame, you’ll find the flight controller, which is an F405 AIO with 20A power output and BMI270 sensors. This controller is responsible for controlling the drone’s flight and ensuring stability.

The drone also includes a camera, which can be mounted on the frame or in a separate case, depending on your preference. The camera is compatible with Insta360 cameras, allowing you to capture high-quality video and photos from the air.

Overall, the Pavo25 offers a lightweight and durable design, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced pilots. With its advanced features and easy assembly, this drone is sure to provide you with hours of fun and entertainment.The F405 BetaFPV Flight Controller 4th Generation has a built-in 20A ESC, BMI270 Inertial Measurement Unit (accelerometer and gyroscope), and a four-port UART. It has a 26x26mm wiring diagram and is packaged with an XT30 cable, a low ESR capacitor, VTX digital cable, RX cable, eight motor connectors, rubber bushings for easy installation, and an adjustable rifle mount.

The engines and radios have connectors and the flight controller is ready to use. If needed, additional soldering tips for the motors are available.

Power supply: 1404 4500KV motors with Gemfan D63-3B props.1404 and 4500KV brushless motors are essential for both toothpick and whoop drones. These motors are lightweight, durable, and have great strength. They have a shaft diameter of 3 mm and a diameter of 2 mm. The Gemfan D63 three-lobed propellers are specifically designed for channel-style drones.

The BetaFPV kit includes four carbon fiber motor mounts that pilots can use to adjust the height of their drone, which can help reduce shaking.

4. FPV System: Camera and Transmitter

The PAVO 25 frame from BetaFPV supports both analog and digital HD cameras. You can choose between the Caddx Baby Ratel 2 camera with the BetaFPV A03 400mW 5.8GHz transmitter, or the Caddx Nebula Pro Nano camera with the Digital VTX transmitter Caddx Vista. When selecting a camera, please note that the 3D-printed mount you install has a 14mm hole.

For this review, we chose the new Caddx Nebula Pro Nano kit, which delivers excellent image quality in a small package. The Nebula Pro Nano camera measures just 14 x 16 x 16.5 millimeters and weighs only 3.5 grams.A complete guide to building the BetaFPV PAVO 25 CineWhoop in less than an hour without any headaches!

It turned out that creating this CineWhoop was a repetitive process, and I focused more on the problems I encountered with expectations, so as to avoid encountering the same issues and predictions about solving a problem that didn’t even occur. While assembly can be completed in less than one hour, some aspects are less well-understood, and if something doesn’t work, several days may be needed.

When I analyzed the provided details, I noticed that the power cable for the flight controller with the capacitor is thicker than the dedicated hole in the frame, making it impossible to insert.

The kit includes two sets of motor connectors, but it doesn’t specify which one to solder. If you use the vertical ones, you can’t connect the motor due to its multi-level design.There is no information about how to install the propellers (CW/CCW type and front side up/down) in the manual. Additionally, there is no mention of any change in consciousness when using the drone. If the installation is incorrect, the drone may not take off or it may simply turn over on its side.

I checked these details on my Pavo 30 drone and reproduced them on my Pavo 25 (see the photo below). For the Caddx Vista drone, I used the original cable, which is longer than the designated cable that is used with the flight controller.My biggest problem with the radio was the connection between the BetaFPV ELRS Nano module and the built-in UART port 3. I followed the instructions carefully and used a plug-in cable, but the wiring was not correct. The TX and RX signals were not connected properly, and this caused the channels and sticks to not be displayed in the BetaFlight configurator.

I tried different firmware versions and settings, but nothing seemed to work. After reading the FC online manual, I realized that the RX assembly panels on the factory were set to SBUS instead of DSM/CRSF. This explains why the connection was not working correctly.

To fix this issue, I need to change the RX settings on the BetaFPV module to DSM/CRSF and then re-connect the cables. I will also need to make sure that the TX and RX are connected correctly.Before placing your order, please ensure that all the items listed above are included in your shopping cart. It would be very unpleasant to have to wait for missing parts for several more weeks or even for delivery. Additionally, it is convenient to have a pair of spare support parts, motors, and frame at home.

Before doing anything, please read the product manual, wiring diagram, or any other documentation that could help you understand how to assemble everything correctly. Every little detail is crucial for the successful completion of your project.

Before connecting the LiPo battery for the first time, please check the soldering for short circuits three times and make sure all the wires are properly connected.

Connect external devices such as VTX, LED boards, motors, and RX one at a time.

During the Caddx Vista activation and firmware update, ensure that the cooling fan is working properly.

Never check or adjust the ESC and motors with propellers installed!As a general rule, FPV drones and their components are poorly documented, so if you encounter any other issues, Oscar Liang and FirstQuadcopter can be a great resource for anyone looking to build their first drone.

Price comparison between the Pavo25 BNF and the Pavo25 assembly kit:

As shown in the table below, building the Pavo25 rather than purchasing a fully assembled unit will save only a few dollars. However, I believe it’s more significant that you learn a lot in the process. My wife, for example, preferred to do other activities, such as mowing the lawn or going to the theater with her friends.

Pavo25 Analog (ELRS BNF): $234.99

Pavo25 HD Digital (ELRS BNF): $359.99

Analog Kit CineWhoop Pavo25:

– Frame Set: $31.99

– Flight Controller: Toothpick F405 (V4): $67.99

– Set of four motors: 1404 4500KV: $52.99

– Two pairs of three-pronged Gemfan D63 props: $2.50

– Caddx Baby Ratel 2 FPV camera: $25.90

– A03 400MW 5.8GHz antenna: ~$20

– ELRS Nano receiver: $16.99

Total cost: ~ $219Frame Set $31.99

Flight Controller Toothpick F405 (V4) $67.99

Set of four 1404 4500KV engines $52.99

Two pairs of three-petalled Gemfan D63 racks, each priced at $2.50

CaddX Nebula Pro Nano Vista kit $165

ELRS Nano receiver $16.99

Final price: approximately $338

For more information on the best alternatives to the BetaFPV Pavo 25, check out CineWhoops.

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