Обзор MJX B16 PRO: на данный момент неверно

The MJX B16 Pro drone is a cutting-edge device. While other drone models have been introduced, none of them provide a 3-axis acoustic suspension system with EIS (electronic image stabilization). This review will cover the unboxing process, camera quality, flight performance, and other features of the MJX B16 PRO drone. As always, our goal is to expand on its capabilities in terms of flight range and battery life.

MJX is a renowned drone manufacturer that offers affordable solutions. Recently, the company has added two new models to its popular Bugs line: the B19 Mini and B16 Pro drones. These devices feature foldable optics, brushless motors, GPS positioning systems, and 4K cameras. This review will focus on the MJX B16 PRO model.This drone was provided to us for review by RC. Although we received it free of charge, our opinions are not influenced by our sponsors. We would like to express our gratitude to Ben for his ongoing support. RC is our top sponsor for this year.

AliExpress has resumed shipping, but due to the delayed delivery, complicated customs processes, and even the loss of packages, I have preferred to shop locally in Europe instead of ordering from China. Nevertheless, when I received my package from RC Going, I experienced no such issues.Recently, the storage case has become a standard in the market, and I appreciate this. The carrying case can accommodate all MJX Bugs 16 PRO accessories, including the remote control, a set of spare propellers, a USB Type-C charging cable, a PD charging cable, and two spare batteries. The internal mesh pocket with zippered closure allows for safe storage of small accessories.

From a design standpoint, the most significant difference between this drone and other models is that its arms extend from the center of the body rather than from the front and back. When viewed from above, it resembles a water spider, similar to the design approach used by Parrot Anafi. The drone has a rectangular shape when folded with dimensions of 295 x 80 x 87 millimeters and weighs 612 grams including a charged battery.Personally, I prefer the rectangular form factor of the B16 drone over a longer one. The propeller and nose landing gears also fold, providing convenience in transportation and storage. There are three optical flow sensors on the bottom of the drone that provide stability during flight, as well as a landing LED that illuminates during nighttime flights. In addition to the bottom LED, there is also a rear LED and two front LEDs (one under each motor) for additional lighting. A 3,200 mAh battery is integrated into the drone and can be accessed for checking the battery level during short power-ups. To ensure the battery does not fall off the frame, six fixing points are provided.

The B16 Pro drone is currently available for purchase at RCGoing at a price of $237 for one battery, or $299 for three batteries. These prices include shipping and a set of replacement batteries. The MJX 16 PRO camera is also available for purchase separately.As previously mentioned, the MJX 16 PRO drone is equipped with a 4K camera that features three-axis mechanical stabilization and electronic image stabilization. The camera utilizes a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor that is capable of recording in 3840 x 2160 resolution at a frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps) or 1080p resolution at 60 fps.

The wide-angle lens of the camera has a field of view of 120 degrees and a fixed focal length of 2.96 millimeters with an aperture of ±2.0. The 3-axis sound stabilizer, in conjunction with electronic image stabilization (EIS), ensures excellent video quality even in windy conditions.

For optimal video quality, we recommend flying the drone in air-conditioning mode (at low speed). The video quality of the B16PRO is more than sufficient for its price point, and the recordings are clear and vivid.

Additionally, the drone offers a 50-fold digital zoom, which can be utilized not only for viewing scenes but also for recording them. At the conclusion of this review, we have included a couple of example videos in different resolutions (UHD @ 30 fps and FHD @ 30 fps) for your reference.With built-in recording capabilities, the image quality will not be affected by the strength or stability of the Wi-Fi signal. A micro SD card with a capacity up to 128 GB can be inserted, and we recommend using a Class 10 card for UHD recording.

MJX Bugs 16 PRO: Remote Control and Flight Range

The MJX B16 PRO provides a similar level of entry-level performance to its younger siblings (B19 4K and B19 EIS) while offering excellent recording capabilities. Powered by two AA batteries, the remote control features two foldable handles for easy operation. With a new set of batteries, users can expect around 3-4 full flights before requiring a recharge.

The phone mount extends between the two antennas, and all control buttons are clearly labeled. Additionally, there is a GPS ON/OFF switch on the right side of the controller, which does not deactivate the device during outdoor flights, ensuring a safe return to the starting point.On the front panel of the device, in addition to the standard controls and power switch, there are three additional buttons: engine lock/unlock, return to home (RTH) and camera control. The left-hand shoulder button functions as both a start/land button and a speed/LED toggle, while the right-hand disc controls the camera angle.

The bright display provides important information about the drone’s flight, including altitude, distance from home, battery level and signal strength. With experience, it is possible to control the drone without using the phone, but it is important to note that the device does not have a position avoidance system and therefore, the user should set the desired altitude accordingly.To bind the drone, please resize the “Engine Lock” element when the drone is powered on. In an area with low radio interference and relatively open space, I achieved a maximum flight range of approximately 600-800 meters. The actual WiFi FPV range may vary depending on the specific mobile phone model used and the position of the user holding the device.

The M RC Pro application has been designed for mass deployment on mobile devices running Android and iOS. In addition to basic settings such as maximum flight altitude, range, trajectory diameter and search height, users can also perform geomagnetic calibration and gyroscope adjustment.

In camera mode, users have the option to toggle between 4K @ 30fps and 1080p @ 60fps recording modes. Flight logs can be viewed, including information such as date, distance and altitude.

By tapping on the large gear icon, users can access advanced flight modes including “Follow Me”, “Orbit” and “Headless” modes. The map algorithm allows users to create autonomous flight paths and recommended waypoints.MJX Bugs 16 PRO: Battery Life

According to the manufacturer, the MJX B16 Pro 3S battery has a nominal capacity of 3,200mAh and is capable of providing up to 28 minutes of flight time in optimal conditions. After 5-10 charging cycles, we have observed optimal performance. During testing in low-wind conditions, the drone was able to remain airborne for approximately 26 minutes.Another notable feature of the MJX B16 Pro is its rapid charging capability. With a 45W charging station, the device can be fully recharged in less than one hour. The package includes a Type-C to Type-C charging cable, which offers significantly faster charging times compared to using a standard USB adapter to charge a smartphone.

By pressing the power button for a few seconds, users can check the current battery level. Both the app and remote control use four indicators to monitor the battery status. When two indicators remain (corresponding to 50% battery capacity), the remote control will emit a warning sound and the app will display a low battery alert with the message: “The drone can only maintain flight at an altitude of 30 meters and position of 100 meters with a battery charge of 25% or less.” When only one indicator remains (10% battery), the drone will automatically land and users will not be able to interrupt this process or change its position.

Initially, I thought there might be a problem with my drone. When I powered it on, the stabilization system was not functioning, as if there was no power.After receiving a live image on the screen upon connecting the device, the application informed me that I needed to perform compass calibration. I adjusted the viewing angles (three to four rotations horizontally, followed by three to four rotations vertically). Upon placing the drone back on the ground, the drive shaft eventually initialized and aligned. Unfortunately, this process needs to be repeated after each flight.

The next step was to activate the engines. Typically, I would do this by moving both levers up and down, but this was unnecessary with MJX. All I needed to do was insert a red lock and proceed. From then on, operating the Bugs 16 Pro has been a joy. It flies steadily, and the home GPS system is accurate. If the controller is deactivated during flight, the B16 PRO waits a few seconds before gaining altitude and heading back to the launch point. It can handle moderate wind gusts without issues. According to my experience, at high speeds, it can reach 35-45 km/h.I also attempted flights without using a phone, which is possible, however, it is not possible to control the camera or start/stop recording or take photos during these flights.

During nighttime flights, the LED landing lights are very convenient, as they allow the user to see the drone when it is directly above them.

The first incident (pilot error): The transmitter had beautiful markings, however, the drone manufacturers do not use the same button layout as the transmitter. When attempting to retrieve the drone, the user mistakenly paid for the incorrect disc (which was the engine cover rather than the propeller), and it fell off. All of the motors on the MJX B16 Pro fell like a stone, however fortunately, it was only approximately 1 meter from the ground and no harm came to the drone. The best 4K drone for the price!

Price-to-performance ratio: Design and construction quality: Intelligent flight modes: Range of transmission: Camera quality: Battery life: Mobile app: 3.8While this drone may not be a professional-grade model, it is still a solid choice in the Bugs series. The flight performance is impressive, allowing for safe operation in moderate wind conditions. With a 25-minute flight duration, the drone provides more than enough time for typical use, and the included three batteries ensure uninterrupted operation for over an hour.

The transmission range is adequate but not exceptional. If you require longer-range flights, it may be worth considering a drone that supports OcuSync technology.

Although the large, elongated design of the drone may take some getting used to, once in flight, it behaves like any other drone.

Overall, MJX has managed to produce a competent mid-range model. However, it does not compare to the high-end offerings from DJI and Xiaomi. The compass accuracy was not always reliable, and battery monitoring was inconsistent. Additionally, there were issues with the wireless connection.Shipment User Review 3.42 (12 Votes)

Buy Features:

– Real 4K @ 30 fps video with premium quality

– Built-in recording (up to 128 GB micro SD)

– 3-axis stabilizer with SmoothMAX EIS for smooth footage, even in windy conditions

– Landing lights for added safety

– Suitable for both adults and sea use

– Starting weight over 600 grams, requiring registration in most countries

– Connection to phone for camera operation

Strange power management/battery monitoring

Photo Gallery: More examples of MJX B16 Pro videos

MJX B16 PRO Review: Inaccurate at this time.

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