Are you considering purchasing a drone that can fly for an extended period of time? The JJRC X7 Smart Drone has you covered! This drone is powered by a 2S/2600mAh Li-Po battery that can provide up to 20 minutes of flight time per charge. In addition, it is equipped with precision motors, a GPS navigation system, and a high-definition camera – all at a competitive price of $150.

While the functionality of a drone is important, its flight time also plays a significant role. In recent years, many low-cost drones have been released with limited flight durations. Simply increasing the battery size is not always the solution. It is essential to find a balance between weight, motor efficiency, and battery capacity. The JJRC X7 boasts a flight time of up to 23 minutes, making it one of the longest-lasting drones in its class.

If you have read my review of the MJX 2SE drone, you are aware that expected flight durations do not always match actual performance. Nevertheless, the impressive specifications of the X7 make it a serious contender in the market for drones.

The main features of the JJRC X7 include:

– Dual satellite positioning systems (GPS and GLONASS)- Barometric altitude holding and headless flight modes

– Advanced flight modes, such as trajectory mode

– Safe return home function

– 6-channel radio control with a transmission range of up to 500 meters

– Remote control and app control options

– High-performance brushless motor system

– Built-in 1080p camera with automatic horizon leveling

– Real-time image transmission via 5GHz Wi-Fi with an FPV transmission range of approximately 200 meters

– Approximately 23-minute flight timePlease note that this is a general description of the product based on our experience. The actual performance and features of the drone may vary depending on the reliability of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is possible that you may receive a drone with different specifications or features compared to those described here.

The standard delivery package was received within 20 days. Inside the cardboard box containing the JJRC X7 remote control drone, we found everything we needed: a sample product, a phone holder, three pairs of spare screws, a flight battery, a balance charger, a micro-USB cable, a nut tool, and other tools.The design of the JJRC X7 drone is aesthetically pleasing, featuring sleek lines and available in two color options: white and black. The construction quality is excellent and the fuselage is sturdy. As shown in the provided photo, the overall look of the product is quite impressive. Rather than having the engines located underneath, they are positioned on top of the drone, demonstrating the manufacturer’s attention to detail.

The X7 quadcopter has a maximum pilot-to-aircraft distance of approximately 28 centimeters, or the distance between the drone’s axes, and weighs 399 grams, including all components. The flight battery is situated in the tail area, and the power switch is located on the battery itself. With a fully charged battery, users can expect up to 23 minutes of flight time, thanks to our collaboration with specialized manufacturers.

However, no product is without its drawbacks, and charging the battery may take a significant amount of time (~3 hours). Therefore, it is advisable to plan accordingly.The X7 JJRC drone features a micro USB charging port, which allows for convenient battery charging. I was interested in exploring its capabilities, so I connected the device to my computer and discovered an additional feature that gives me hope for successful implementation of this technology.

During nighttime flights, four LED lights will be activated (one for each arm), with the forward LEDs being red and the aft LEDs being green. From my perspective, a bright forward-facing LED could assist in determining the drone’s orientation.

As a personal observation, I am not familiar with any information being displayed on the device, such as flight data, flight time, battery level, or GPS information. At first glance, only two operating modes are available: remote control mode and desktop mode. Remote mode offers 5 seconds for selecting between takeoff/landing, photography/video recording, speed adjustment, and power level. The “M” key allows switching between the two modes.

The rotary dial on the left side of the aircraft allows for remote adjustment of the camera angle, from the front to the underside.The drone is powered by an integrated LiPo battery, which can be recharged via a micro USB port. To utilize all the features of the JJR/C X7 model, please download and install the “Enjoy-fly” app on your mobile device. Within the app’s settings, users can activate the compass and gyroscope, as well as enable beginner mode. This mode limits the maximum flight distance to 200 meters and altitude to 120 meters, respectively.

At the top of the display, users will find information regarding the current flight mode, number of satellites detected, and battery level. The bottom of the screen will display airspeed, altitude, and flight speed.

Camera, lifting, and first-person view (FPV) capabilities: The JJRRC X7 boasts a significant camera capacity with an external tilt adjustment feature, which can enhance image quality. This feature may be useful in certain situations, such as when trying to capture a difficult subject. For instance, inspecting a roof or chimney may prove challenging without this capability.To reduce the “jelliness” effect, the camera module is supported by vibration-dampening balls, which help to stabilize the image. The image quality is good, considering the low cost of the product, and the video has a full range of colors with excellent contrast. However, a lack of a pressure sensor is a significant drawback of the camera.

With the built-in DVR function, users can choose a microSD memory card, which typically yields the best results. This allows users to view videos in 1920×1080 pixel resolution. Three minutes of footage occupies approximately 180 megabytes of storage. The videos are split into three-minute segments.

The camera supports real-time video transmission via 5GHz Wi-Fi, allowing users to send messages to multiple recipients.

Overall, I found my experience with the JJRC X7 intelligent drone to be positive. The initial setup process was straightforward and the takeoff was smooth. If the rear LED lights blink blue, however, users will need to reconnect the remote control to the drone (for detailed instructions, see the manual).While the aircraft may not be the fastest, I had expected more power from the brushless motors. I also activated the “Watch” or “Follow Me” mode, which allowed the drone to track the user’s location using GPS and keep them within the frame. This function worked well, although there have been instances where it has crashed and the camera angle has not automatically adjusted based on flight controls. It is worth noting that due to the by-pass system, this function should be used with caution.

Battery Life and Flight Time

One of the most notable features of the JJRC X7 ATV drone is its improved speed of automatic operations. With a fully charged battery, I was able to operate the drone for approximately 18 minutes. Given the price point of ATV drones, this flight time is impressive.

The waiting time is also excellent, with approximately 20 minutes of flight time available, which provides me with enough time to concentrate on the photographs I wish to capture.The JJRC X7 is priced at $129.99, which represents excellent value for money for a GPS-enabled drone on the market. With respect to gender equality, the X7 does not discriminate. At the time of writing, there is 13% discount available, making it an even more attractive proposition.

The drone is available in two colors: white and black. As previously mentioned, it offers a remote control, camera, and first-person view. The flight time is 3.8 minutes.

In summary, if you are looking for the best value for your money, the JJRC X7 should be your choice. Thanks to its design and build quality, it is well-suited to its market segment. Additionally, the external camera angle adjustment feature is practical, allowing users to easily switch between a direct view of the ground and other angles.**Shipment:**

The user review for the product is 3.73 out of 5 stars, based on 22 reviews.

**What is good about the product:**

– The longest service life in its class

– No need for calibration every time

– Remote camera rotation adjustment

– Built-in DVR

– Transmitter with integrated LiPo battery

– Excellent control range

– Ability to update firmware

**What could be improved:**

– Propellers not self-rotating

– Pins can loosen easily

– Branded battery cannot be charged with hobbyist chargers

– Lack of spare parts, including batteries

**Photo Gallery:**

You can also see the best analogues of the JJRC X7. There are other great options available in this price range, including the MJX B2SE. This model has brushless motors and additional features.

Additionally, JJRC offers two other models that you may want to consider: the X9 Heron and X8 Cetus. Both come with GPS navigation and full HD cameras.

According to the review, the longest flight time in the X7 line is 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

Квадрокоптер JJRC X7 распаковка и обзор часть первая.

Это первая часть видео с обзором квадрокоптера JJRC X7, содержит распаковку и краткий обзор. В следующем видео я ...

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