The VISUO XS809HW quadcopter, at first glance, resembles the Mavic Pro from DJI, a market leader in the drone industry. It has a similar folding arm design.

To be honest, not everyone needs to spend $100 or even $1,000 on drones with fancy features they can’t fully utilize. Moreover, it’s common to destroy a few drones before gaining flight skills. Non-premium drones like the VISUO XS809HW, also known as the TIANQU XS809HW, are great for beginners.

The XS809HW drone comes in two camera variants: a basic 0.3 megapixel camera and a more advanced 2 megapixel HD camera. The price difference between these two models is about $3.

Features of the VISUO XS809 HW Quadcopter:

– Mavic-style design with foldable arms

– Altitude hold with barometric pressure sensor

– Separate buttons for takeoff and landing

– Emergency stop button

– Headless flight mode

– Multiple control modes (physical controller, virtual joystick, smartphone gyroscope)2MP, 720P HD aerial camera

Transferring images to RAM via Wi-Fi

Multiple flight speeds

Up to 10 minutes of flying time

Detailed review of the SILUROID VISUO XS809HW drone

Disclaimer: I received the VISUO XS809HW as part of a product review collaboration. Although it was a gift, my opinions in this review are entirely my own and do not reflect sponsorship.

I recently received this drone when my son’s favorite toy broke. He was very sad, and I felt obligated to get him a replacement.

Inside the package, I found a drone, a remote control, a full set of spare blades, one set of propeller guards, a flight manual, a USB charging cable and a screwdriver.

VISUO XS809HW – First Impressions / Design and Build Quality

As mentioned before, the drone’s design resembles the DJI Mavic Pro’s lines. The arms fold down, but the propellers don’t.The build quality of the VISUO XS809HW is pleasant, as it uses only plastic. However, it is designed to be easy to assemble and fly, making it ideal for novice pilots. The included protective props are recommended for those new to flying.

During nighttime flights, the drone is equipped with four LED lights: two green front and rear lights for each engine, and two additional red lights on the front panel for easier navigation.

The 900mAh battery is powered by four, and according to the manufacturer, it can be fully charged in 10 minutes when it is disassembled. The drone has a “classic” power switch that allows you to turn the battery off when storing the drone for an extended period of time. Additionally, the battery has a micro-USB port that can be charged using almost any phone charger.The 720P camera is located on the front of the aircraft and has a wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view. It is possible to slightly adjust the rotation angle.

After examining the bottom of the drone carefully, I noticed a micro SD card slot next to the power switch. This was a pleasant surprise because it allows you to record your journey without using a smartphone. The built-in camera records better images than video recorded in the atmosphere at that time.

Eight minutes of video recording (in some cases at 1280×720 resolution and 20 frames per second) takes up approximately 270MB on the camera’s micro SD card. The picture was taken using the VISUO XS809HW drone (1920×1080 resolution).

The WiFi FPV range is approximately 40 meters, but there is a drop in frame rate. I believe I have replaced the stock camera with an AIO 5.8GHz camera.

Overall, the VISUO XS809HW – Remote Control Drone has several control options. It can be operated using a plug-and-play sensor (RTF package) or a smartphone using joystick or gravity sensors.A beautiful, ergonomic design of the remote control fits perfectly into a folding phone holder. When using the Alt-Hold function, the joysticks are centered. The remote control runs on 3 AA batteries and has a range of features.

The left shoulder button allows you to switch between different speeds (30%, 60%, and 100%). The right button activates the 360-degree flip mode. On the left side, there are two buttons for takeoff and landing, making it easy to start and stop flights. On the right, in addition to the power button, there are four more buttons: Photo, Video, Headless Mode, and One Key Home.

Although this may not be the easiest or most accurate way to control the aircraft using the XSW UFO app, children will still enjoy flying. It’s similar to playing a car game. In any case, the app is also needed to transmit live video from the camera to a nearby smartphone.Last weekend, we had some spring-like days for testing flights. The weather was not too hot or windy, which made it easy to start the flight. You just need to set the “Takeoff” parameter next to the throttle, and the XS809HW will rise about a meter above the ground and hover at a slow speed.

Even at 60% speed, the aircraft is surprisingly fast, although it is not as fast as a racing quadcopter. The altitude retention works well, and although the gusts at full speed are strong, I would not recommend flying in strong winds. If you fly outside the control area, the drone automatically lands in a few seconds, which is a good feature, especially if you want to fly at high altitudes.

The waiting time for the flight is about 8 minutes, which is in line with my expectations. If something goes wrong, you can stop all the engines with a stop button, which is also a useful feature.

Overall, the price-to-quality ratio of the VISUO XS809HW is good. The design and build quality are also good, and the camera and WiFi FPV are excellent.Good flight time and a good mood make the VISUO XS809HW an excellent drone for pilot training. The altitude retention turned out to be very good. Despite the fact that the wide-angle lens helps to practice FPV perfectly, it is a risky game due to Wi-Fi latency and a constant frame rate.

Shipment User Review 3.38 (55 votes) For those who lack ideas for summer income, the VISUO XS809HW can be found on BG’s website for $52.99 with shipping. Note: There is also a cheaper version of this drone called the XS809W, but without the customization feature. Positive Folding arms; Multiple control modes; Decent summer qualities; The height is very accurate; Excellent flight time; The power switch. Minuses Separate battery; Lack of spare parts. Review of the VISUO XS809HW – Photo Gallery

Складной квадрокоптер VISUO XS809HW за $37

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